Aaron Ivey is the Worship Pastor at The Austin Stone in Austin, Texas where he pastors a church he absolutely loves in the heart of the city he absolutely loves. He is a songwriter, shepherd, artist, author, elder, father, husband, and mentor and has a deep love for his family and community.

With a passion for living out God’s Word, empathy for God’s people, and a deep abiding love for the local church, Aaron and his bandmates are challenging believers to worship God in spirit and truth, to marry song with service.

Aaron is frequently invited to speak and lead worship for events, churches, and live music shows, on topics including leadership, theology, art, culture, and ministry practices. Passionate about mentoring and developing young leaders and world changers, Aaron spends much of his time communicating the truths of the Gospel and the realities of ministry.

As an outspoken advocate for justice and mission, Aaron Ivey intertwines storytelling into every part of his ministry. As a father to four children, three of which he and his wife adopted, he also has insight on leading a multi-cultural family.

And, to sum things up nicely… Aaron loves Jesus, Tex-Mex, and people.